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At PixelBOX Passport Photo Service we offer professional passport photos any size for ANY COUNTRY. So if you need a visa, a new passport, a club membership or even a gun licence, we can help. As a professional photographer I use high resolution professional digital camera equipment. So you can be sure of the best quality results every time. 

New Zealand Passport Photos

Passport Photos that are guaranteed for acceptance by the New Zealand Passport Office. Whether digital or printed we will always guarantee the quality of our photos. 

- E-gate bio-metric compliant.

- 100% compliant with the NZ Passport Office standards.

- 100% compliant to the International Civil Aviation Organisation standards.

- Meets with over 87 passport types.

- Meets with over 280 visa types.


Please be prepared for your passport photo session by making sure of the following.

- Glasses cannot be sunglasses, tinted or thick-framed.

- Hair should be off the eyes and sides of the face.

- No head covering or headband should be worn in the photo, unless you must wear either for religious or medical reasons. 



Passport Photo


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Half Moon Bay, Auckland
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We are able to produce Passport Photo images for any country. The customer must supply the relevant specifications for the country that they require. Lots of countries have different requirements for not only the size of of the photo but also the background colour and head height. If the customer in unable to supply the specifications then we cannot guarantee the photos will be accepted. 

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